Shruti, Buyer

“She got our offer accepted within 30 minutes.”

“Lily’s dedicated to her clients — always thinking about our benefit and never pressuring us to commit to any house if we don’t like it. She and her team made our lives easier by understanding our needs, pre-vetting listings so we didn’t have to spend every weekend touring houses, and giving us honest advice about any house’s potential problems. She was super warm and friendly with us, but also a great negotiator; she got our offer accepted within 30 minutes, before the house even came on to the market. Closing on the right house needs the right team, and I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Lily.”

Karen & Steve, Seller

“Thanks to Lily, we sold for $400,000 over asking price.”

“Moving after 30 years was stressful, but Lily made the whole process a breeze. Unlike other agents who pressured us with unrealistic deadlines and expectations, she put us at ease as soon as she walked into our home. She told us what needed doing, but also what didn’t, and went above and beyond to get the house ready to sell — even contacting multiple contractors for us to choose from. Thanks to her approach, we immediately received seven offers, including one $400,000 over the asking price, all before the open house even happened. Lily is honest, professional, prompt, and passionate about her job, and we would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Shanah Z.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lily at GitHub in San Francisco where we helped build the sales org from the ground up. Lily is an exceptionally hard worker, with a great work ethic and eagerness to succeed and collaborate effectively. Lily was consistently responsive, technically adept, and demonstrated a strong ability to manage complex technical situations. Both her individual and team contributions have been outstanding as she consistently proved a strong ability to build relationships within accounts and identify real business opportunities as well as being able to accelerate the deal cycle in a very professional way while making sure that the client's needs are met. Lily's work ethic drove a tremendous amount of activity within her accounts and her deep insight into sales development and account management helped many Reps accelerate their deals which proved her commitment to being a strong team player. Always a top performer, Lily would be a tremendous benefit to any organization.

Karthik, Buyer

Lily is an amazing agent who made our dream of buying a home come true. She would gather relevant details about any new properties and would visit the property herself first to ensure it fits our requirements. This saved us time and ensured we only visit the properties that are potential buys for us. This was especially useful due to COVID times. The house we ended up purchasing was bought before it entered the market. Lily was quick to act on visiting herself, scheduling our visit, and extremely fast in rolling out the offer. Even beyond the offer, she put us in touch with the right loan agents which made the purchase a little less stressful. Overall, it was an extremely pleasant experience working with Lily, especially as a first-time buyer. She was always reachable, extremely knowledgeable, and went above and beyond the call of duty to get us the right home. We strongly recommend her to any potential buyers.

Morgan R.

I learned more from Lily in 6 months than I had from any previous sales manager in my career. She has invaluable experience and intuition about deals to help reps drive the sales process. She is a great teacher and would let us work out the best way forward on our own, but would ask probing questions in order to have us figure it out on our own. She was always available to help reps on our team and other teams and everyone appreciated her greatly. Since Fountain is a start-up, we didn’t haven’t a sales playbook put together or a standardized process. Lily immediately noticed this and spent days putting this together for the entire sales team and presenting it at our SKO. Going above and beyond to elevate our team was a norm for Lily. Amazing sales managers are hard to come by. Lily is an incredible manager and I would highly recommend that you hire her for your team. You will see immediate results.

Barbara. Seller

Knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to communicate with. Able to understand the local market with regard to pricing and facilitate negotiations in a multiple offer transactions. Always quick to respond to questions.

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Locally grown Realtor, Lily has an intimate knowledge of the area. She has an unparalleled understanding of the economic factors that play and impact on home prices. Her years experience both in technology and business serve clients every day.
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